E-mail marketing is one of the most effective techniques of marketing because of direct interaction with potential consumers. We increase conversion rates by sending out compelling E-mails and creating strong landing pages. An automatic E-mail campaign is set up to a certain trigger, and every time a person meets that trigger, an E-mail is automatically sent to them. E-mail automation can also be set in a way in which people receive timely reminders and news about products relevant to them. We follow a tried and tested process when it comes to E-mail marketing:


We collect relevant information about our audience using various data collection tools such as E-mail sign up sheets, behavioural advertising tracker, likes on social networks etc. We then analyse this data to further understand what our audience would respond to, tailoring our E-mails accordingly. This secures an increased conversion rate.


A potential consumer spends no more than a few seconds reading an E-mail. Our goal is to pinpoint the focal objective of the E-mail campaign and design it in a cohesive way ensuring that it catches the potential consumers interest and calls them into action.


The goal of E-mail marketing is to trigger clicks and increase traffic to your website. We design our E-mails in accordance to the landing page that it will lead to for a consistent user experience.


Our first step of analysing the audience and collecting data helps us segment the types of E-mails we send to certain audiences. We aim to send E-mails that target a potential consumer’s specific needs.


The driving force behind our E-mail campaigns is to produce results. Once an E-mail is sent out, we monitor consumer behaviour closely to develop an approach that best fits your brand. This step helps us understand what works best and where there is room for improvement.

E-mail marketing can generate consistent results if used correctly. We at Denary Media have taken time and effort to understand this tool and how to use it optimally.


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